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          Hello, welcome to shijiazhuang catalpa on mechanical and electrical equipment technology co., LTD.!

          ABOUT US

          • Add:石津路與石兆金街交口
          • Fax:0311-67506708
          • E-mail:zehebao@126.com
          • Mr Bao's phone:18932903517

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           Shijiazhuang Ziqi mechanical and electrical equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of steel pipe, cold-formed steel and other profiles automatic packers. In this field, the company started early and achieved a lot. It is a professional manufacturer of packaging equipment. Realization: automatic stacking, baling, draining, weighing, data processing functions.
          Product line:
          Φ 20mm - Φ 355mm round pipe automatic packer
          F20mm - f500mm square rectangular steel tube automatic packing machine
          Round / square tube all-in-one multifunctional automatic packer
          Lw100 - lw1200 cold-formed steel pipe automatic packer
          Auxiliary equipment:
          Packing belt automatic forming machine
          Automatic belt conveyor
          Our company absorbs the advanced technology of foreign automatic baling machine, and develops a complete set of automatic solutions for steel pipe blanking station which is suitable for the domestic situation, according to the user's on-site use and product requirements, we can tailor the automation solutions. The products involve automatic steel pipe stacking, bundling, packing belt forming, and automatic logistics and transportation planning.
          Our company has the ability of machining, electrical development, quality control, equipment assembly, installation, debugging, training, and fast after-sales service assurance system and spare parts supply system.
          Our company's equipment operates stably in "Youfa steel pipe, Jinghua pipe, Tianjin Rio Tinto, Tianjin Liqiang, Foshan Zhenhong, Jiayi cold bend, Jigang cold bend" and other enterprises, and is exported to Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Bulgaria, Peru, India and other countries.
          With the aggravation of industry competition and the rise of labor cost, steel tube factories are prevalent: operators, especially heavy manual workers, are more and more difficult to employ, and their wages are higher and higher. Moreover, due to the high labor intensity, the speed of the unit is restricted, so that the capacity of the unit cannot be released. How to improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and improve the automation level of the equipment, especially the cutting part The level of automation has become an important way to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. It has been proved that the application of the automatic packing machine can greatly increase the speed of the welded pipe unit by 30% - 80%, increase the production capacity, increase the profit space, reduce the labor force, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, reduce the dependence on the people, improve the operation safety of the workers and avoid the industrial injury.
          Welcome friends from the industry to visit our company for guidance, visit the field effect, and work together to inject new power into the management industry!

          電話86-0311-67506708    Mr Bao:18932903517
          公司地址:Add:Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
          備案號: 冀ICP備15019488號-1